EC Friends Are Family

Meet The Pantheresses

Catching up with PinkPantheress and Bleona. Because friends like this are family.

Tell me about yourselves.

Hi! We are Pink and Bleona and we’ve been friends for 10 years! One decade!

At ECCO, we wanted to make our definition of “family” as broad as possible, to include friends. Do you believe that friends can be family?

Pink: I feel like family is the best way to describe our relationship. There’s an unspoken kind of level of how much we value each other, because only we know how much value we’ve bought it each other in the past, so there’s no part of me that wants to leave you in the past.

How did you two meet? How long have you known each other?

Pink: I don’t even know how it happened, I think we started making jokes, we just realized our language is the same, we spoke the same lingo, we were the funniest people in the class…still are! Every star aligned, and that’s how we met.

Could you describe your friendship?

Bleona: I find it really difficult to put our friendship into words, in the sense that I’ve always found it so natural, It’ll be something as simple as ‘do you want to come with me, on a 45 second walk?’ Pink isn’t my best friend, she’s like my second sister.

PinkPantheress, do you remember what you first thought about Bleona?

Pink: My first impression of Bleona, I saw Bleona when we were like 11, I thought that she was like 16, because she’s always looked older. I remember finding you quite scary, because you hung out with all the popular girls and I was not popular, people liked me in the year group but I was not cool.


“Every star aligned and that’s how we met.”

Bleona, do you remember what you first thought about PinkPanthress?

Bleona: My first impression of Pink, was she always somewhat confused me but in a really good way, she was always like an enigma – I had to get to know her to understand who she was and what she was doing. Every time I got to know more about her I liked her more and more.

Do you share a similar sense of humour?

Bleona: I’d go as far to say that it is identical.

Pink: I feel like my humour is like in it’s most original form when I’m with her. With other people I feel like I need to go out of my way, but with you it’s just YEAH! We have loads of inside jokes.

What do you value the most in your friendship?

Pink: I think Bleona’s a really good friend because even though we don’t really have all these emotional conversations all the time, I always feel like she’s listening. Another reason is because she’s reliable, she’s always there. Reliable, a good ear, just a very loyal person that knows right from wrong.

Bleona: For me it’s just simple, even thought we used to spend all our time together I just never got bored of you and just seeing you would make me happy. I’m excited to see you, all the time. I just lover her company.

How do you stay in touch when you’re apart?

Pink: She has sometimes sent me like the most random, insane thoughts that she has, but neither of us necessarily worries about messaging the other person. It’s so natural, I don’t really need to think about like ‘am I going to send this text?’ You just do it.

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